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Grease Trap Pumping and Cleaning Services.

Fully evacuate all contents of the grease interceptor and completely power wash the interceptor post service

Full trap inspection and saturation testing at each visit

Digital service data capture with pre and post pictures 

Technical customer service team to support your business 

No hidden costs

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  1. 24/7/365 service availability 
  2. Compliance Guaranteed to local and federal standards
  3. Material is properly and legally disposed at an environmentally friendly disposal facility


What is a grease trap? 

A grease trap is a device that wastewater flows through prior to entering your city’s sanitary sewer system. The device traps Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG), preventing it from flowing into the sewer line and clogging it. When the wastewater goes through the grease trap, the FOG rises to the surface and floats on top of the water, while the solids sink to the bottom. The FOG is then trapped inside the grease trap while the rest of the water exits to the sewer line. 

How do I know if my grease trap needs cleaning?

How can I tell if my grease trap is properly cleaned? 

LES schedules cleaning visits accordingly however if you notice clogged drains, foul smells grease in odd places then give us a call immediately and we will get a technician to look at your issue. 

With some providers, this is very difficult to determine. At LES we will pump out 100% of the grease in the trap, inspect from top to bottom, jet spray the lines to avoid build up and document every step for your records with pre and post pictures of our work. No need to guess.

What if I suspect something wrong with our grease trap?  

Who can I expect to show up for a cleaning? 

LES will clean and visually inspect the grease trap looking for cracks, damage or other issues and help you resolve them if necessary. 

LES will arrive promptly at our scheduled time in clean, modern trucks with uniformed team members.

What if my FOG inspection deadline is quickly approaching? 

How can we confirm with the county for compliance? 

LES has 24/7/365 scheduling and we are able to service your business location quickly.

LES will log directly into the county system and submit the service information so the county knows you’re in compliance. Guaranteed. 

How do I know my grease trap cleaning will be safe for our employees and customers? 

How do we know my grease trap cleaner is trustworthy? 

At each visit, LES ropes off the area throughout the entire cleaning to ensure there are no accidents.

LES has been here since 2002 and is widely recognized as the leading innovator

What happens once the job is complete? 

Are there hidden fees which are not in the price quoted.

LES makes sure the area is thoroughly cleaned and FOG is documented with the required agencies. We will provide you with a receipt of the services completed and visually inspect the area before we leave. The waste will then be transported to our site for environmentally safe disposal and recycling. 

No, LES does not hide our fees. What you were quoted is what you will pay after the service is completed.

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“They let me know of any issues as they’re cleaning the 

grease traps, allowing me to take care of problems before 

they become emergencies.”

“It’s difficult to stay on top of different ordinances, and LES takes care of all of that. I’m not sure how they do it!”

“Their customer service is excellent, their communication is even better.”

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Compliance Guaranteed.

With several regulatory jurisdictions across the Miami area, keeping up to date on the latest regulations is a massive challenge. But it’s one you’ll never have to worry about. Our proprietary FOGLaw database enables us to keep you compliant – guaranteed.

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